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emerging epidemic of Hepatitis C infection, SBIRT, Pharmacologic Therapies, Center for Substance Abu

Risk Reduction

Author: Melinda Campopiano MD, Jag Khalsa, Douglas Throckmorton MD
Unlocking the Power of Autistic Savants

Unlocking the Power of Autistic Savants

Author: Gary Andrews
Opioid Crisis,  a Comprehensive Response, Problems with ASA discharges, Use of opioids during treatm

Opioid Crisis - a Comprehensive Response

Author: Marvin Seppala MD, Scott Hesseltine MA LADC, Fred Holmquist
The challenge of defining acquired PE, ISSM Ad Hoc Committee of international experts, Therapy Paper

The challenge of defining acquired PE - where are we now?

Author: Emmanuele A. Jannini, MD
Female Sexual Dysfunction, Increasing Sexual Desire and Arousal, Desire and arousal

Desire and arousal

Author: David Portman MD
PDMD coordination with third-party payers, PDMP Bulk Data use by PRC, PDMD

PDMD coordination with third-party payers

Author: Chris Baumgartner, Bruce Wood, Alex Swedlow
Using clinical programs to idenify opioid misuse, Prescription opioid abuse, Predictors of opioid mi

Using clinical programs to idenify opioid misuse

Author: Donchun Wang, Lennox Abbott, Tron Emptage
Your Complete Guide of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544

Your Complete Guide of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544

Author: Kiya Gandhi
successful strategies for community change, comprehensive overdose prevention program, Adult Drug Co

Opiod Poisoning: successful strategies for community change

Author: Fred Wells Brason II, Connie M Payne
Strengthen Your Muscles with Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice

Strengthen Your Muscles with Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice

Author: Kiya Gandhi
ED surgical treatments, Penile Prosthesis Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction, Therapy Papers

ED surgical treatments

Author: Trinity Bivalacqua MD PhD
Carolinas Health Care System, Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Disease, Carolinas Medical Center, Practic

Carolinas HealthCare System

Author: Kerstin Liebner, Carrie Fortier
Treatment of Prescription Drug Abuse, Physician Health Program, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Papers

Treatment of Prescription Drug Abuse with Successful Endeavors and Outcomes

Author: Robert DuPont MD, William Johnson MD
Drug Disposal, National Take-Back Initiative, Pharmaceutical Take-Back, DEA Regulations

Pharmaceutical Take-Back and DEA Regulations

Author: Scott Cassel
FSD, Arousal Disorders, Orgasmic Disorders, Pain Disorders, sexual excitement, Sexual Arousal Respon

Pelvic nerve injury leads to augmented vaginal vasoreactivity in vitro and increased fibrosis

Author: Johanna L. Hannan
Drug Abuse Treatment, Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults

Tools for Drug Abuse Treatment.

Author: Melinda Campopiano MD
Drug Abuse Treatment, illicit drug, AXer'alcohol, IntegraUng Relapse PrevenUon Pharmacotherapy, free

Drug Abuse Treatment Options for Juveniles

Author: Michelle Lipinski MeD, Marc Fishman MD
Testosterone replacement therapy, promote priapism in hypogonadal, sickle cell disease

Testosterone replacement therapy does not promote priapism in hypogonadal men with sickle cell disea

Author: Belinda F. Morrison
Neurosexology, Assessment of Sexual Function, Common Terms of Self-reported Measures of Sexual Funct

Patients' Understanding of Common Terms Used in Self-reported Measures of Sexual Function

Author: Angel Moore
Publish Biotech papers, Pharma Papers, VHA National Pain Management Strategy

PAIN MANAGEMENT STRATEGY: stepped care model

Author: Robertkerns
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