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Carolinas Health Care System, Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Disease, Carolinas Medical Center, Practic Carolinas HealthCare System
Author: Kerstin Liebner, Carrie Fortier
Treatment of Prescription Drug Abuse, Physician Health Program, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Papers Treatment of Prescription Drug Abuse with Successful Endeavors and Outcomes
Author: Robert DuPont MD, William Johnson MD
Drug Disposal, National Take-Back Initiative, Pharmaceutical Take-Back, DEA Regulations Pharmaceutical Take-Back and DEA Regulations
Author: Scott Cassel
FSD, Arousal Disorders, Orgasmic Disorders, Pain Disorders, sexual excitement, Sexual Arousal Respon Pelvic nerve injury leads to augmented vaginal vasoreactivity in vitro and increased fibrosis
Author: Johanna L. Hannan
Drug Abuse Treatment, Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults Tools for Drug Abuse Treatment.
Author: Melinda Campopiano MD
Drug Abuse Treatment, illicit drug, AXer'alcohol, IntegraUng Relapse PrevenUon Pharmacotherapy, free Drug Abuse Treatment Options for Juveniles
Author: Michelle Lipinski MeD, Marc Fishman MD
Testosterone replacement therapy, promote priapism in hypogonadal, sickle cell disease Testosterone replacement therapy does not promote priapism in hypogonadal men with sickle cell disea
Author: Belinda F. Morrison
Neurosexology, Assessment of Sexual Function, Common Terms of Self-reported Measures of Sexual Funct Patients' Understanding of Common Terms Used in Self-reported Measures of Sexual Function
Author: Angel Moore
Publish Biotech papers, Pharma Papers, VHA National Pain Management Strategy PAIN MANAGEMENT STRATEGY: stepped care model
Author: Robertkerns
Do Cats Require Regular Flea Treatments? Do Cats Require Regular Flea Treatments?
Author: Sofia Owens
The Rate of Teen Substance Abuse is Increasing The Rate of Teen Substance Abuse is Increasing
Author: Ellen Zoneth
Trends in prescription drug abuse, Prescription Drugs: Abuse and Addiction, Rx Drug Abuse Trends in Rx Drug Abuse
Author: Andrew Kolodny, Tess Benham, Sherry L. Green
Include Whey Protein Powder In Your Diet For Healthy Muscles Include Whey Protein Powder In Your Diet For Healthy Muscles
Author: Kiya Gandhi
Does Your Dog Have Worms? Try Milbemax Wormers Does Your Dog Have Worms? Try Milbemax Wormers
Author: Abby Cooper
Bureau of Justice Statistics, Delinquency Prevention, National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws, N Prescription Drug Abuse: Legistative and Policy Initiatives
Author: NAMSDL
Pain Management Treatment Options Pain Management Treatment Options
Author: Richard P. Petri Jr
Nursing schools in California Nursing schools in California
Author: Edward McM
Addiction in the Pharmacy Profession Addiction in the Pharmacy Profession
Author: Brian Fingerson RPh
Excessive Sweating Treatment  Tips To Prevent Your Heavy Sweat Excessive Sweating Treatment Tips To Prevent Your Heavy Sweat
Author: Peter Pori
Management of Peyronie's Disease in the Aging Male, Predictors of Deformity Stabilization Predictors Of Deformity Stabilization and Progression In Peyronie's Disease
Author: John P. Mulhall MD
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