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Methylated DNA, vitro methylated genomic DNA, DNA methylation, evelopment and cellular differentiatiMethylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) assays in using in vitro methylated genomic DNA
Posted On: 08-Oct-10
Jinsong Jia, Aleksandra Pekowska, Sebastien Jaeger, Touati Benoukraf, Pierre Ferrier, Salvatore Spic21552184
Standardization Of Herbal DrugsStandardization Of Herbal Drugs In Korea: Ten Years Efforts
Posted On: 08-Dec-14
Jinwoong Kim11061252
Business - The Role of the ASCR in Promoting InnovationBusiness - The Role of the ASCR in Promoting Innovation
Posted On: 14-May-12
Jirķ Drahoš12002394
Role of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentRole of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development
Posted On: 01-Dec-09
Jiunn H. Lin and Anthony Y. H. Lu18591892
Report: Findlay's Equine Herpesvirus OutbreakReport: Findlay's Equine Herpesvirus Outbreak
Posted On: 07-Apr-08
Jo Meszoly15511551
Pediatric Mental HealthFamily health history (FH) use for optimal pediatric care
Posted On: 09-Mar-11
Joann Bodurtha MD MPH10081050
Paper is about The Changing role of the Technologist/Radiologist in Breast Imaging, History of BreasTechnologist-Radiologist's Changing Role in Breast Imaging
Posted On: 10-Aug-10
Joanne Ceccarelli and Benoīt Mesurolle24792709
Cord Blood to Treat GeneticWhat is the Value of Cord Blood to Treat Genetic and Acquired Brain Injuries in Children?
Posted On: 21-Aug-14
Joanne Kurtzberg MD563820
Texas Human Services: Center for Elimination Disproportionality & DisparitiesTexas Human Services: Center for Elimination Disproportionality & Disparities
Posted On: 24-May-12
Joanne Pierce, Sheila Stugis Craig, and Damaris Nicholson8011469
The influence of hormone exposure in older women on neuropsychiatric disordersThe influence of hormone exposure in older women on neuropsychiatric disorders
Posted On: 23-Dec-08
Joanne Ryan15951610
Toxicologic Pathology In Non-Clinical Safety AssessmentToxicologic Pathology In Non-Clinical Safety Assessment
Posted On: 09-Nov-11
Joćo Lauro V. de Camargo11031625
Care Coordination, Technology Streamline Hospital Operations ,Enhancing Patient Experience and CareCare Coordination and Technology Streamline Hospital Operations Enhancing Patient Experience and Car
Posted On: 18-Jul-13
Joelle LoFaso10981201
Technology to Streamline Hospital Operations, Technology to Streamline Enhance Patient CareTechnology to Streamline Hospital Operations and Enhance Patient Care
Posted On: 20-Sep-13
Joelle LoFaso BSN RN13901999
FSD, Arousal Disorders, Orgasmic Disorders, Pain Disorders, sexual excitement, Sexual Arousal ResponPelvic nerve injury leads to augmented vaginal vasoreactivity in vitro and increased fibrosis
Posted On: 20-May-13
Johanna L. Hannan13221744
Namibia Medicines Control ActNamibia Medicines Control Act
Posted On: 10-Sep-12
Johannes Gaeseb12011605
ARTHRITIS -- The Johns Hopkins White PapersARTHRITIS -- The Johns Hopkins White Papers
Posted On: 06-Apr-08
John A. Flynn, M.D. and Timothy Johnson, M.D.18611895
Paper is about Current Epidemiology of antibacterial resistance, Pathogens Reported to NHSN, GeograpCurrent Antibacterial Resistance Epidemiology
Posted On: 12-Aug-10
John A. Jernigan19221927
Trilogy RadiosurgeryTrilogy Radiosurgery
Posted On: 27-Jan-08
John Alksne, MD, and Kevin Murphy, MD13931397
Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Postmarket Safety Reporting for Combination ProductsCurrent Good Manufacturing Practices and Postmarket Safety Reporting for Combination Products
Posted On: 06-Sep-12
John Barlow Weiner, Esq.18602492
Dental Healthcare, Implant Expert, Medical, Presentations, Free, Publish, Implement, InventImplement, Invent, Innovate in Healthcare
Posted On: 19-Mar-14
John Crombie10771872
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