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Catheter Bacteremia, Prevention and Management,  Free Publish Medical PresentationsPrevention and Management of Catheter Related Bacteremia
Posted On: 14-Apr-14
Jessica Geer15332286
Revealing biases inherent in recombination protocolsRevealing biases inherent in recombination protocols
Posted On: 09-Mar-08
JF Chaparro-Riggers, BLW Loo, KM Polizzi, PR Gibbs, XS Tang, MJ Nelson, AS Bommarius13991404
Biomedical ElectronicsBiomedical Electronics
Posted On: 25-May-11
Jianan Y. Qu20012844
Pharmaceutical Pricing StrategiesPharmaceutical Pricing Strategies
Posted On: 22-May-09
Jie Chen & John Rizzo31663274
Posted On: 17-Oct-14
Jie Shao483724
MucopolysaccharidosesSmall Molecule Inhibitors of Glycosaminoglycan Biosynthesis
Posted On: 30-Mar-11
Jillian R. Brown, Kelli Tolmie, Ellen Christie, Jeremy Hanson, Charles A. Glass, Sergio Duron, Shrip13921532
Opioid Management Methods, leverage clinical tools, Opioid Management Methods for EmployersOpioid Management Methods for Employers - how and when to leverage clinical tools
Posted On: 07-Jun-13
Jim Andrews11371227
Death InvestigationDiving Fatalities: The Medical Examiner Perspective
Posted On: 24-Dec-10
Jim Caruso16621668
California Citrus Quality: Export, Chemical, Food Safety and Mexico activitiesCalifornia Citrus Quality: Export, Chemical, Food Safety and Mexico activities
Posted On: 07-May-12
Jim Cranney10753231
The Prescription Drug MarketThe Prescription Drug Market
Posted On: 03-Dec-09
Jim Hahn15091518
Alara, Practice, Medical, Free, Publish, Presentations, Therapy, Radiation, MiningALARA IN PRACTICE
Posted On: 13-Feb-14
Jim Hondros11191951
Concerns about Lyme Disease Clinical Practice GuidelinesConcerns about Lyme Disease Clinical Practice Guidelines
Posted On: 25-Aug-08
Jim M. Wilson, AIIC, President, Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation12401247
The History of Ultrasound Technological AdvancesThe History of Ultrasound Technological Advances
Posted On: 01-Oct-12
Jim Tsung, MD, MPH15615421
Overall Economic Value of Biospecimen Resources*Overall Economic Value of Biospecimen Resources*
Posted On: 26-Feb-09
Jim Vaught and Lisa B. Miranda14551457
Methylated DNA, vitro methylated genomic DNA, DNA methylation, evelopment and cellular differentiatiMethylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) assays in using in vitro methylated genomic DNA
Posted On: 08-Oct-10
Jinsong Jia, Aleksandra Pekowska, Sebastien Jaeger, Touati Benoukraf, Pierre Ferrier, Salvatore Spic21692199
Standardization Of Herbal DrugsStandardization Of Herbal Drugs In Korea: Ten Years Efforts
Posted On: 08-Dec-14
Jinwoong Kim11281272
Business - The Role of the ASCR in Promoting InnovationBusiness - The Role of the ASCR in Promoting Innovation
Posted On: 14-May-12
Jirí Drahoš12152408
Role of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentRole of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development
Posted On: 01-Dec-09
Jiunn H. Lin and Anthony Y. H. Lu18701903
Report: Findlay's Equine Herpesvirus OutbreakReport: Findlay's Equine Herpesvirus Outbreak
Posted On: 07-Apr-08
Jo Meszoly15591561
Pediatric Mental HealthFamily health history (FH) use for optimal pediatric care
Posted On: 09-Mar-11
Joann Bodurtha MD MPH10161059
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