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Building a Relationship Between Schools and FamiliesBuilding a Relationship Between Schools and Families
Posted On: 16-Sep-11
Laura A. Riffel7411715
Results from PPS ResearchResults from PPS Research
Posted On: 13-Oct-11
Laura Bertolasi9121226
Post Polio Syndrome: Diagnostic ToolsPost Polio Syndrome: Diagnostic Tools
Posted On: 28-Dec-11
Laura Bertolasi, MD8852545
Leggere, Citazioni, Infermieristica, Free, Publish, Presentations, Medical, ManagementLeggere Le Citazioni - Per Infermieristica
Posted On: 18-Feb-14
Laura Colombo436761
Bone Health Program GoalPediatric Bone Health from Bench to Bedside
Posted On: 07-Jan-11
Laura L Tosi MD856887
Patient-Facing Information Displays for Urban Emergency  Rooms - Physician ViewspointsPatient-Facing Information Displays for Urban Emergency Rooms - Physician Viewspoints
Posted On: 04-Nov-10
Lauren G. Wilcox, MS, Justin Gatewood, MD, Dan Morris, PhD, Desney S. Tan, PhD, Steven Feiner, PhD, 792798
Hospital information systemsPhysician Attitudes about Patient-Facing Information Displays at an Urban Emergency Department
Posted On: 15-Dec-10
Lauren G. Wilcox, MS1, Justin Gatewood, MD2, Dan Morris, PhD3, Desney S. Tan, PhD3, Eric Horvitz, MD965976
How Crash Test Dummys Save Lives via Medical Training SimulationsHow Crash Test Dummys Save Lives via Medical Training Simulations
Posted On: 26-Aug-11
Lauren Ober10901130
Intralesional Injection TherapyIntralesional Injection Therapy
Posted On: 16-Nov-12
Laurence A. Levine, MD708918
Presecription Drug Abuse, Reduce Prescreption drug misuse, Building Public Safety & Health PartnershBuilding Public Safety and Public Health Partnerships to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse
Posted On: 29-Jul-13
Laurence Busching, Denise Paone, Jessica Kattan755808
Bio-Imagerie fluorescence, Plateforme APEX, Veterinary Pathology, Free Public Medical PresentationsLa Bio-Imagerie En fluorescence pour l'Exploration Tissulaire Et cellulaire, du nouveau sur la plateforme APEX
Posted On: 16-May-14
Laurence Dubreil, Thibaut Larcher 14922195
Understanding Primary and Behavioral Healthcare IntegrationUnderstanding Primary and Behavioral Healthcare Integration
Posted On: 18-Oct-10
Laurie Alexander, PhD; Karl Wilson, PhD10871094
Exercise to Prevent Back PainExercise to Prevent Back Pain
Posted On: 02-Aug-10
Lea G. Cruz13391348
Far Infrared RayFar Infrared Ray Therapy for Athletes
Posted On: 21-Jul-10
Lea G. Cruz17441753
Back Pain for Pregnant WomenRelieving Back Pain for Pregnant Women
Posted On: 15-Jul-10
Lea G. Cruz16411661
Sexual health benefitsSexual health benefits of the oral contraceptive pill outweigh its adverse effects
Posted On: 17-Dec-12
Leah Millheiser, MD8041336
Health Benefits of the Oral Contraceptive PillDo the Health Benefits of the Oral Contraceptive Pill Outweigh its Adverse Effects?
Posted On: 24-Oct-12
Leah S. Millheiser, MD8031264
Learning and MemoryLearning and Memory
Posted On: 11-Mar-10
Learning and Memory15701592
Are Telomeres the Key to Aging and Cancer?Are Telomeres the Key to Aging and Cancer?
Posted On: 03-Feb-10
Lee J. Siegel19271951
Semiconductor Biosensing TechnologySemiconductor Biosensing Technology
Posted On: 20-Jul-11
Lee Mi Sakata8582479
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