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breast cancer reactive Fab phagePhage display derived human monoclonal antibodies against breast cancer and their use as nanodevices
Posted On: 16-Jul-10
Henrik J. Ditzel21102341
Transpalpebral tonometerComparison of Accuracy of Diaton Transpalpebral Tonometer Versus Goldmann Applanation DCT and ORA
Posted On: 28-Jul-14
Henry D. Perry, MD (1), prof S.E. Avetisov MD (2), prof V.P. Erichev MD (2), А.А. Ant19021902
Therapy Resistance in Malignant GliomaTherapy Resistance in Malignant Glioma
Posted On: 25-Mar-10
Henry S. Friedman, MD 17351735
Nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering and the Food Industry Nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering and the Food Industry
Posted On: 11-Mar-11
Hilda Mera, Chris Mendez, Gilberto McKenzie, Kenny Moore11151908
Botswana Drug Regulation Unit Guidelines Botswana Drug Regulation Unit Guidelines
Posted On: 06-Jul-12
Hilde Rodseth22993642
Total Knee Arthroplasty, Knee Society score, Traumatic Secondary DisplacementMedial Parapatellar Vastus Split Versus Lateral Parapatellar Subvastus Approach with Tibial Tubercle
Posted On: 19-Nov-10
Hirschmann MT, Krause R, Friederich NF21132113
Posted On: 19-Apr-08
Hisham M. Mahaba, MD17291729
Finger Vein Authentication TechnologyFinger Vein Authentication Technology
Posted On: 29-Jul-10
Paper is about Sensors and Switches for Potential Medical Applications, About Honeywell Sensing and Sensors and Switches for Medical Applications
Posted On: 13-Aug-10
Driving under Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and  MedicinesDriving under Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines
Posted On: 20-Sep-12
Horst Schulze10002337
Androgen Deficiency in HIV-Positive MenAndrogen Deficiency in HIV-Positive Men
Posted On: 27-Nov-12
Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD, FACS12511908
Testosterone therapy, Sexually transmitted infectionsSexually transmitted infections
Posted On: 18-Jan-13
Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD, FACS14572237
nervous systemThe Biological Basis of Behavior
Posted On: 02-Feb-11
Howard Fine20782335
A New Alternative Device for Catheter-Dependent PatientsA New Alternative Device for Catheter-Dependent Patients
Posted On: 13-Apr-10
Howard Katzman, MD38023932
Heart Repair Research, Stem Cell Transplanation, Heart Surgery, Medical Presentation Publish FreeWHAT WE HAVE LEARNED IN 25 YEARS OF STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION FOR HEART REPAIR RESEARCH
Posted On: 21-Jul-14
Howard Leonhardt10511313
Phylogenetic Analysis for Patients with HIVPhylogenetic Analysis for Patients with HIV
Posted On: 28-Sep-11
Hsin-Fu Liu9381585
Food Availability and Safety in ChinaFood Availability and Safety in China
Posted On: 14-Oct-10
Huajun Tang26823885
Drugs in Animal Models Pharmacological Studies and Toxicity Evaluation of Drugs in Animal Models for Human Diseases IV
Posted On: 03-Nov-14
Huei-Wen Chen889989
fractalkine, ECM, accumulation, diabetic, kidneys, free, medical, presentations, publish, slidesDirect effect of fractalkine on ECM accumulation in diabetic kidneys
Posted On: 29-Jan-14
Hunjoo Ha10701418
Lifestyle modification to improve erectile functionLifestyle modification to improve erectile function
Posted On: 03-Dec-12
Hussein Ghanem, MD12702325
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