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How Can Health IT Help Providers and the System?How Can Health IT Help Providers and the System?
Posted On: 03-Apr-09
Garrett E. Moran, Ph.D., Westat16861686
Unlocking the Power of Autistic SavantsUnlocking the Power of Autistic Savants
Posted On: 03-Jun-13
Gary Andrews11141160
Cellular Medicine Drug Development Pathways & MarketsCellular Medicine Drug Development Pathways & Markets
Posted On: 26-Nov-08
Gary Keller, Ms.B. Chief Executive Officer; Ann LeFever, Ph.D. Sr. Assoc. Biotechnology Products14451456
Drug Overdose Death Prosecution and Prevention, Drug Overdose Prevention, Death ProsecutionDrug Overdose Death Prosecution and Prevention
Posted On: 17-Jun-13
Gary Martin, Jason Parman12351667
Successful Strategies for Community Change, Drug Overdoses, Ministerial Council on Drug StrategySuccessful Strategies for Community Change in Drug Overdoses
Posted On: 27-Jun-13
Gary Martin, Karen Perry, Jennifer Weiss12941623
Posted On: 07-May-15
Gary Sams Ph.D.12121277
Adult Heart Diseases Now Seen in ChildhoodAdult Heart Diseases Now Seen in Childhood
Posted On: 25-May-10
Geetha Raghuveer MD, MPH14451446
Diabetes and male sexual healthDiabetes and male sexual health
Posted On: 25-Feb-13
Geoffrey Hackett, MD11171898
 Medical PresentationNuclear Transfer: All Things Reconsidered
Posted On: 09-Sep-14
Geoffrey Lomax, Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Aaron Levine, Melissa Lopes812858
Medical Alert Systems, Combat Rising Healthcare Costs, Cutting Health Care CostsCombating the Rising Cost of Healthcare with Living Independence
Posted On: 24-Oct-13
George Brett, Kelly Besecker9891543
Pancreas-Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation for the Treatment of Diabetes MellitusPancreas-Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
Posted On: 16-Jun-08
Gerald S. Lipshutz, MD, MS, FACS & Alan H. Wilkinson, MD, FRCP22482388
Defining CD34 viability by flow, CD34 Enumeration, Analysis of CD34 viabilityDefining CD34 viability by flow: sense or nonsense?
Posted On: 10-Sep-13
Gerhard Fritsch13481924
Targeted Therapy of MalignancyTargeted Therapy of Malignancy
Posted On: 29-Apr-09
Gerhard Schaller15061511
Healthcare IT Implementation Challenges Trends and Case StudiesHealthcare IT Implementation Challenges Trends and Case Studies
Posted On: 05-Sep-12
Gerrit Henning12481903
clinical evaluation expectationISO 14155:2011 Clinical Investigation Design for Medical Devices
Posted On: 31-Jan-12
Gert Bos30055915
Medical devices and their EU regulatory borderlinesMedical devices and their EU regulatory borderlines
Posted On: 27-Apr-12
Gert Bos11462180
Pre-Market Clinical Evaluation of Medical DevicesPre-Market Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices
Posted On: 29-Mar-12
Gert Bos12672846
World Veterinary Year, Paris Veterinary School, The Role of Veterinarians in the WorldVeterinary History
Posted On: 24-May-11
Ghazi Yehia14861609
How to manage pulmonary embolismHow to manage pulmonary embolism
Posted On: 22-Oct-14
Giancarlo Agnelli346442
Latest developments in ovarian cancer managementLatest developments in ovarian cancer management
Posted On: 10-Jun-10
Gianfilippo Bertelli19151915
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