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Childhood Asthma Epidemic, Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke, ETSChildhood Asthma Epidemic
Posted On: 05-Sep-13
Deborah A. Gentile MD11771709
Face of Health Care, Optimizing Patient Flow, Real Time Demand Capacity ManagementOptimizing Patient Flow Using Real Time Demand Capacity Management
Posted On: 11-Oct-13
Deborah J Kaczynsk15492371
Optimizing Patient Flow with Real Time, Perfecting Patient Flow Through Demand, Capacity Management Optimizing Patient Flow with Real Time Demand Capacity Management
Posted On: 27-Sep-13
Deborah J. Kaczynski13811858
Stem Cell Report, Quality measures, Growth and Citation, Medical Presentation PublishSTEM CELL REPORT
Posted On: 26-Jul-14
Deborah Sweet10191065
Medical curriculum, free publish medical presentation, upload medical presentation, wesrchINTEGRATING†PROBLEM‐BASED†LEARNIN† INTO†THE†FIRST†YEAR†MEDICAL†CURRICULUM
Posted On: 02-Jan-14
portable ultrasoundUsing Portable Ultrasound to Teach Anatomy
Posted On: 21-Feb-12
Debs Patten, Simon Richards, and Leo Donnelly15372547
Polio Survivors and Physical FitnessPolio Survivors and Physical Fitness
Posted On: 29-Dec-11
Deirdre Murray11612371
Biopharma's Future: Life Sciences White PaperBiopharma's Future: Life Sciences White Paper
Posted On: 22-May-10
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, The Economist Intelligence Unit14931532
Mindfulness Managing, Professional Human Resources, Free, Publish, Presentations, MedicalMindfulness - Managing Your Personal And Professional Well-Being
Posted On: 27-Mar-14
Denise Hess MDiv BCC MFTI14132287
Patient Safety, Healthcare, Free, Publish, Presentations, MedicalPatient Safety and Healthcare associated Infections
Posted On: 24-Jan-14
Denise M. Cardo MD10921834
Prevention of Multi-Drug Resistant OrganismsPrevention of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms
Posted On: 11-May-10
Denise M. Flook, RN, MPH, CIC19251931
Living well with Multiple Sclerosis: Online and Blended LearningLiving well with Multiple Sclerosis: Online and Blended Learning
Posted On: 19-Oct-10
Denise Nowack, RD11571157
Bad Bugs no Drugs, Controle de Multirresistentes, Free publish medical presentations, publish presenBad Bugs no Drugs - Controle de Multirresistentes
Posted On: 20-Jan-14
Denise S. Hnatiuk7851719
Insuring Surgical Care Improvements Insuring Surgical Care Improvements
Posted On: 03-Nov-09
Dennis Ehrich, M.D24232454
Healthcare Operations, Dynamic Resource Management, DRM, Quality Connector, Value of AMHOActive Healthcare Operation Management: A Dynamic Systems View of Healthcare Delivery
Posted On: 16-Nov-10
Dennis M. Moen, Ph.D., Phil Bozzelli17231732
National Survey on Drug UseNational Survey on Drug Use
Posted On: 08-Dec-07
Useful Pharmacokinetic EquationsUseful Pharmacokinetic Equations
Posted On: 02-Mar-09
Department of Pharmaceutics56825995
Child & Adolescent Obesity Clinician ToolkitChild & Adolescent Obesity Clinician Toolkit
Posted On: 08-May-08
Dexter Louie, MD & Helen Jones, MD16201621
Medi-Calís Most Costly PopulationsMedi-Calís Most Costly Populations
Posted On: 08-Jul-09
DHCS Research and Analytical Studies Section19411943
A Metagenomic Survey of Microbes in Honey Bee Colony Collapse DisorderA Metagenomic Survey of Microbes in Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
Posted On: 06-Feb-08
Diana L. Cox-Foster, et al29002905
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