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Swarm IntelligenceSwarm Intelligence
Posted On: 05-Feb-10
Dario Floreano and Claudio Mattiussi27493083
Emerging Changes in Medical MalpracticeEmerging Changes in Medical Malpractice
Posted On: 26-Aug-09
Darrell Brown and Tim Over24042404
penile reconstructive surgery, Predominantly in graft materials, graft materials, free publish medicHistory of Tunical Grafting in Peyronie's Disease
Posted On: 15-Apr-13
Darren Katz MD, John P. Mulhall11671392
The Roadmap to EMR AdoptionThe Roadmap to EMR Adoption
Posted On: 13-Jan-10
Dave Garets, FHIMSS26152615
8 ways health care reform provides security and stability & 8 health insurance reform myths8 ways health care reform provides security and stability & 8 health insurance reform myths
Posted On: 14-Aug-09
David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President, The White House20172018
Integrating Personalised Medicine into EU StrategyIntegrating Personalized Medicine into Strategy
Posted On: 08-May-15
David Byrne, Helmut Brand, Denis Horgan11231170
Telemedicine Future, Developing the Telehealth Workforce, Free Publish Medical PresentationsTelemedicine Future
Posted On: 21-Oct-13
David Cattell Gordon14352016
Stem Cell R+DStem Cell R+D: Toward an Ecosystem Approach
Posted On: 19-Sep-14
David Fransen872944
Diagnostic Imaging: Hybrid or FusionDiagnostic Imaging: Hybrid or Fusion
Posted On: 22-Jun-10
David Gilmore18971908
Pharmacogenetics: Challenges and PrioritiesPharmacogenetics: Challenges and Priorities
Posted On: 16-Jun-09
David Gurwitz15601565
Guiding Corneal Laser Surgeries with Optical Coherence TomographyGuiding Corneal Laser Surgeries with Optical Coherence Tomography
Posted On: 06-May-10
David Huang, MD, PhD19891990
Optical Coherence Tomography: Historical Perspective and Future DirectionsOptical Coherence Tomography: Historical Perspective and Future Directions
Posted On: 14-May-10
David Huang, MD, PhD30663772
Radiological, QA/QC Program, Mammography of Women, Radiation RiskQuality Assurance and Control in Radiology
Posted On: 26-Apr-11
David Huang, PhD DABR MSKCC19482223
Radiation Safety, Radiation Practices, upload and publish medical presentation, wesrchHow Safe is your Lab? A University’s approach to Radiation Safety
Posted On: 31-Dec-13
David Keizer11491377
sources of space radiationChallenges to Staying Alive and Healthy in Space: Radiation
Posted On: 04-Apr-11
David Klaus12791357
Radon Progeny Monitoring and Equipment Calibration, publish and share medical presentation online, wRadon Progeny Monitoring and Equipment Calibration
Posted On: 23-Dec-13
David Kruss, Artem Borysenko14781691
components of NanotechnologyNanotechnology Interfacing with Biologic Sciences
Posted On: 21-Jan-11
David L. Carroll13611377
Test TubeGynecologic Oncology
Posted On: 27-Aug-10
David M. O'Malley, M.D.15151515
Posted On: 02-Jul-07
David M. Studdert, LLB, ScD, MPH16591659
Lyme Disease in HorsesLyme Disease in Horses
Posted On: 18-Aug-08
David Marshall, VMD13071314
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