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Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) Measurement and the Likelihood of IschemiaFractional Flow Reserve (FFR) Measurement and the Likelihood of Ischemia
Posted On: 22-Jul-11
Balloon AngioplastyEvolution of Balloon Angioplasty
Posted On: 26-Aug-15
Cezar Staniloae MD 330580
RadioimmunotherapyCancer Radioimmunotherapy Advances
Posted On: 06-Apr-11
Chaitanya Divgi16431821
Mechanical model of the vascular treeGeneric material model of the passive porcine coronary artery
Posted On: 01-Feb-11
Chantal van den Broek, Arjen van der Horst, Marcel Rutten & Frans van de Vosse16051605
Health Records, Electronics Measures, Practice Management, online medical presentaions publish freeMeasures for Electronic Health Records - Recommended Social and Behavioral Domains
Posted On: 04-Apr-14
Charlene Underwood MBA FHIMSS16181692
Cell TherapyCell Therapy & Clinical Trials in Neurological Injury
Posted On: 08-Jun-15
Charles Cox MD584669
Cord  Blood, Medical PresentationTherapeutic Potential of Cord Blood
Posted On: 22-Aug-14
Charles F. Simmons Jr. MD544734
Advancing Medicine Through Stem Cell TherapiesAdvancing Medicine Through Stem Cell Therapies
Posted On: 28-May-15
Charles Irving Ph.D.730776
Nanotechnology-Related Environment, Health, and Safety ResearchNanotechnology-Related Environment, Health, and Safety Research
Posted On: 11-Jan-10
Charles W. Schmidt15291530
Drugs in Drinking Water & Health Care Pharmaceutical WasteDrugs in Drinking Water & Health Care Pharmaceutical Waste
Posted On: 16-Nov-09
Charlotte A. Smith19511953
Mathematical Modelling, Epidemiology, HIV, Medical, Free, Presentations, Publish, R&DMathematical Modelling as a Tool For Epidemiology: Insights From HIV
Posted On: 21-Feb-14
Charlotte Watts9791687
Rotation of Cells using DielectrophoresisEntrapment and Rotation of Cells Using Dielectrophoresis
Posted On: 13-Jan-15
Che Ting Ho, Ze Zhang, Tolga Kaya MD784812
Taiwan's Medical Device Industry and InfrastructureTaiwan's Medical Device Industry and Infrastructure
Posted On: 14-Jun-12
Chei-Hsiang Chen11953490
TetramethylpyrazineChocolate Flavor Chemistry
Posted On: 04-Feb-11
HERCEPTIN® (Trastuzumab) A Real World Example of Pharmacogenomics – Maximizing Patient BenefitHERCEPTIN® (Trastuzumab) A Real World Example of Pharmacogenomics – Maximizing Patient Benefit
Posted On: 13-Aug-08
Cheryl A. Madsen, RAC33175178
Medical PresentationEfficacy and safety of nintedanib versus sorafenib
Posted On: 07-Sep-14
Chia-Jui Yen, Tae-You Kim, Yin-Hsun Feng, Yee Chao, Deng-Yn Lin, Arsene-Bienvenu Loembe, Julia Hocke480545
Progress of iPS cell business and technologyProgress of iPS cell business and technology
Posted On: 21-May-15
Chikafumi Yokoyama532563
Stem Cell Business, Biotech Medicine, Medical Presentation, Publish Free Paper OnlineStem Cell Business
Posted On: 22-Jun-14
Chikafumi Yokoyama22272415
Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: Statistics and InterventionsChild Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: Statistics and Interventions
Posted On: 19-Jul-12
Child Welfare Information Gateway12881622
BioPacific Conference 2015Opportunities, Challenges, & Growth – A New Era in Biomedical Innovation & Discovery
Posted On: 27-Jun-15
Chinese-American BioPharmaceutical Society479550
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