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Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: Statistics and InterventionsChild Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: Statistics and Interventions
Posted On: 19-Jul-12
Child Welfare Information Gateway12141550
BioPacific Conference 2015Opportunities, Challenges, & Growth A New Era in Biomedical Innovation & Discovery
Posted On: 27-Jun-15
Chinese-American BioPharmaceutical Society396466
Coastal Radioactive ContaminationCoastal Radioactive Contamination Model
Posted On: 08-Apr-11
Chriis Busby13241622
White Paper on the Status of Sudden Wetland Dieback in Saltmarshes of the Delaware Inland BaysWhite Paper on the Status of Sudden Wetland Dieback in Saltmarshes of the Delaware Inland Bays
Posted On: 14-Nov-08
Chris Bason, Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, Amy Jacobs, Andy Howard, & Melanie Tymes, Delaware16301637
PDMD coordination with third-party payers, PDMP Bulk Data use by PRC, PDMDPDMD coordination with third-party payers
Posted On: 29-May-13
Chris Baumgartner, Bruce Wood, Alex Swedlow12572670
Clinical CaseAtrial Fibrillation and Guideline Review: Clinical Case
Posted On: 24-Nov-14
Chris Davidson MD13621525
New Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Developments, Explain a Prescription Drug Monitoring PrograNew Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Developments
Posted On: 25-Jun-13
Chris Jones, Josh Bolin, Marty Allain13331888
The future of sexual medicine, Stem Cell Research and Sexual Medicine, Future sexual medicine physioThe future of sexual medicine
Posted On: 13-Jun-13
Chris McMahon MD FACSHP12321736
Emerging drugs for the treatment of PEEmerging drugs for the treatment of PE
Posted On: 07-Jan-13
Chris McMahon, MD, FACSHP11482050
Delayed orgasm - Prevalence and PathophysiologyDelayed orgasm - Prevalence and Pathophysiology
Posted On: 27-Feb-13
Chris Nelson, PhD12261334
Statistics primer for the medicine practitionerStatistics primer for the medicine practitioner
Posted On: 21-Nov-12
Chris Nelson, PhD19512297
Sequencing the Genome of a Living FossilSequencing the Genome of a Living Fossil
Posted On: 27-Jul-07
Chris T. Amemiya, Eric S. Lander, & Richard M. Myers17451745
Medical Care, Bleeding Animal, Patient, Free Publish, Presentations, Emergency CareBleeding Exotic Animal Patient Laboratory Assessment
Posted On: 10-Feb-14
Christal Pollock DVM13402310
Hypoalbuminemia, erectile dysfunction severity, hepatic cirrhosis, MELD score, Serum albumin, free pHypoalbuminemia in chirrhotic patients as an independent prognostic factor for Erectile Dysfunction
Posted On: 24-Apr-13
Christian I. Villeda-Sandoval10881105
ultrasonic particle engineering, respiratory medicines, respiratory Drug DeliveryUltrasonic Particle Engineering for Respiratory Medicine
Posted On: 13-Oct-10
Christian Jones10211025
Exploring the Cancer-Osteoporosis Interface: Improving Diagnosis through Medical ImagingExploring the Cancer-Osteoporosis Interface: Improving Diagnosis through Medical Imaging
Posted On: 21-Oct-09
Christian M Langton19761978
Medical Record HistoryPatient-centered health care systems
Posted On: 07-Jun-10
Christina Galanis, Executive Director, STHL18691869
Risk of Smoking in PregnancyRisk of Smoking in Pregnancy
Posted On: 12-Dec-13
Christine Redpath9041105
Biomarkers in lung cancerBiomarkers in lung cancer
Posted On: 02-Dec-10
Christophe Dooms11721172
Alternative Cancer Treatments when Docetaxel FailsAlternative Cancer Treatments when Docetaxel Fails
Posted On: 05-Sep-11
Christophe Massard11311357
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