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The patient had a colectomy for familial adenomatous, carcinoma in colectomy specimenThe patient had a colectomy for familial adenomatous polyposis 2 years ago
Posted On: 24-Sep-13
Barbara J McKenna14182023
workforce development, special focus, primary careNursing Workforce Development
Posted On: 24-Sep-10
Barbara K. Redman, PhD, RN, FAAN17431743
Clinical Trial Regulatory Challenges to GlobalizationClinical Trial Regulatory Challenges to Globalization
Posted On: 10-Jul-12
Barbara S. Fant7572513
Chronic PainChronic Pain: Skills for Coping
Posted On: 24-Jan-12
Barrie Morganstein11753263
CDRH BIMO: Medical Device Compliance and InspectionsCDRH BIMO: Medical Device Compliance and Inspections
Posted On: 22-Mar-12
Barry Sands10595334
Posted On: 23-Jun-08
Health Insurance,management Plans, Free, Presenatations, Publish, MedicalHealth Insurance Marketplace Plans
Posted On: 07-Feb-14
Therapy and Healing for the High Risk FootTherapy and Healing for the High Risk Foot
Posted On: 28-Feb-12
Bec Daebeler9422886
Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics - what are they?Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics - what are they?
Posted On: 09-Jan-09
Belinda Andersen15911591
Testosterone replacement therapy, promote priapism in hypogonadal, sickle cell diseaseTestosterone replacement therapy does not promote priapism in hypogonadal men with sickle cell disea
Posted On: 15-May-13
Belinda F. Morrison10611571
Clostridium Difficile Epidemiology, Advances and ControversiesClostridium Difficile Epidemiology, Advances and Controversies
Posted On: 12-Sep-11
Belo Horizonte9642048
Radioactive Waste Inventory, National Radioactive Waste Inventory for Australia, share medical preseRadioactive Waste Inventory
Posted On: 12-Dec-13
Ben Paritsky, Julia Carpenter, Richard O’Brien. Geoff Williams12791725
Bandscheibenvorfall Behandlung ZentrumBandscheibenvorfall Behandlung Zentrum
Posted On: 04-Feb-13
Forward-scattered radiation from the compression paddleForward-scattered radiation from the compression paddle
Posted On: 07-Dec-10
Bengt Hemdal12011208
Posted On: 28-Jan-11
Benjamin M.W. Tsui, Ph.D.16552010
Carbohydrate-Based Enhancers for Drug DeliveryCarbohydrate-Based Enhancers for Drug Delivery
Posted On: 29-Dec-09
Benjamin P. Ross 14481456
Opération PunaisesOpération Punaises De Lit - Cimex Lectularius
Posted On: 10-Feb-15
Benoit Brouillet FOHM368451
Veterinary Medicine: Drug and Food Safety RegulationsVeterinary Medicine: Drug and Food Safety Regulations
Posted On: 30-Jul-12
Bernadette Dunham15292507
Stem Cell Advocacy 2.0: A Blueprint for ChangeStem Cell Advocacy 2.0: A Blueprint for Change
Posted On: 18-Feb-10
Bernard Siegel, J.D.16041607
Hippopotamyrus ansorgii in the Zambezi River SystemHippopotamyrus ansorgii in the Zambezi River System
Posted On: 30-Jul-08
Bernd Kramer, Herman Van Der Bank, & Michael Wink15241531
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