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Challenges to Telehealth in Academic Medicine, Medical

Challenges to Telehealth in Academic Medicine

Challenges to Telehealth in Academic Medicine

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Description: This medical presentation is about challenges to telehealth in academic medicine. IT @ JHM-Critical Juncture, ‘Entity centric’ to ‘Patient centered’, Single tightly integrated solution, Patient centered care requires coordination of care across JHM, Enable operational efficiencies, cost controls, and productivity, Achieve quality and patient safety well beyond meaningful use, Requires careful TCO and ROI analysis, Require redesign of care. The Origins of JHM - Consumerism in Health, Challenges, Human Factors and Culture, Acceptance by Physicians/Patients/Users, IT Department, BYOD/Security, Reimbursement, Costs, License / Regulatory, Evaluation and Research.

Business Planning –Sustainability, Training, Communication, Cultural Considerations, Environment, Local Legal Issues, Time Zones (DST).

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