Imaging Ethics - Responsible Conduct in Biomedical Research

Imaging Ethics - Responsible Conduct in Biomedical Research

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Description: This medical presentation is about biomedical research responsibility and Imaging ethics. Learning Objectives for this Lecture to understand the differences between image file formats. Learn about issues involved with preparing images for presentation.

Understand what the “image size” box in Photoshop means and how it should be used. Learn what digital image manipulations are really doing to the image. Understand which types of image processing are allowable.

Have a comprehensive understanding of the ethics of image processing. Some computer programs used for image processing employ lossy compression like Adobe Acrobat may be default configured to apply JPEG compression to any images embedded in the document being converted to PDF. Microsoft PowerPoint should not be used for compiling image montages for publication.

The scalebar on the image will be carried through all processing and resizing required, Resizing of an image will render a magnification listed in the figure legend incorrect. Do not use Cut/Paste for inserting images into a document – process results in decreased image resolution. When it comes to figures and images, we all want those many hours of work to be represented in as good an image as possible.

But beware: a 'picture-perfect' image could land you in trouble, no matter how innocent your intentions. After some consultation with experts, the Nature family of journals has come up with a guide for how to handle digital images. In brief, the less you do, th ...Please navigate Paper pages for more details.

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