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Real-time Motion Artifact Detection Algorithms, Medical

Real-time Motion Artifact Detection Algorithms

Real-time Motion Artifact Detection Algorithms

Accurate Estimation of Respiratory Rates using Pulse Oximeter, real time monitoring of multi physiological activities using noninvasive Photoplethysmography (PPG) waveforms, two novel nonparametric spectral approaches, robust detection of motion artifacts and accurate estimation of respiratory rate using PPG signals, intrinsic weakness of PPG signal, fundamental heart rate (HR) frequency, first harmonic for noise free PPG signal, bispectral analysis combined with surrogate data (BWS) approach .

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Author: Nandakumar Selvaraj and Ki H. Chon (Fellow) | Visits: 1779 | Page Views: 1779
Domain:  Medicine Category: Equipment Subcategory: Wireless Monitoring 
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