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Principles of Video Contact Angle Analysis, Medicine, Page 20

Principles of Video Contact Angle Analysis

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Industry Standards of Contact Angle Measurements

• ASTM D724-99 Standard Test Method for Surface Wettability of
Paper (Angle-of-Contact Method)

• ASTM D5725-99 Standard Test Method for Surface Wettability and
Absorbency of Sheeted Materials Using an Automated Contact
Angle Tester

• ASTM C813-90(1994)e1 Standard Test Method for Hydrophobic
Contamination on Glass by Contact Angle Measurement

• ASTM D5946-96 Standard Test Method for Corona-Treated Polymer
Films Using Water Contact Angle Measurements

• TAPPI T458 Surface Wettability of Paper (Angle of Contact Method)
(TAPPI web site: www.tappi.org)

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