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    Effect of preventive and curative interventions on hepatitis C virus transmission in Egypt (ANRS 1211): a modelling study Targeting preventive and curative interventions to individuals with high rates of medical injections in Egypt would result in a greater reduction the spread of HCV than would untargeted allocation. Su... More | Save |  Share  Email
    Correction to Lancet Glob Health 2014; 2: e468-77 Fernandes QF, Wagenaar BH, Anselmi L, Pfeiffer J, Gloyd S, Sherr K. Effects of health-system strengthening on under-5, infant, and neonatal mortality: 11-year provincial-level time-series analyses in ... More | Save |  Share  Email
    Falsified medicines in Africa: all talk, no action Poor-quality medicines and medical products, both substandard and falsified, cause avoidable morbidity, mortality, drug resistance, and loss of faith in health systems, especially in low-income and mi... More | Save |  Share  Email
    Community-based HIV counselling and testing as a means of improving HIV programme performance Findings from the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Project Accept (May issue) further show the importance of the incorporation of routine HIV counselling and testing data to monitor preva... More | Save |  Share  Email
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