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Multifunctional EPR-based spectroscopy in vivo, vivo EPR, vivo EPRI, vivo functional paramagnetic prMultifunctional EPR-based spectroscopy and imaging, in vivo
Author: Valery V. Khramtsov
Patient Flow Efficiency in the ED, Efficiency in the Emergency Department, Improving Patient Flow Patient Flow Efficiency in the ED
Author: Joshua Kosowsky
Achieve Peri-operative Efficiency, Smooth the Hospitalís Patient Throughput, Healthcare Trends and SAchieving Peri-operative Efficiency to Smooth the Hospitalís Patient Throughput
Author: Bonnie Barndt-Maglio PhD RN, Patricia Hines PhD RN
Optimizing Patient Flow with Real Time, Perfecting Patient Flow Through Demand, Capacity Management Optimizing Patient Flow with Real Time Demand Capacity Management
Author: Deborah J. Kaczynski
Crafting a Comprehensive Emergency Communications Center, National Emergency CommunicationsCrafting a Comprehensive Emergency Communications Center
Author: Thomas A. Kurtz MHS PA-C NREMT-P
Urine Cytology Challenges, Urine Cytology Pitfalls, University of Rochester Medical CenterUrine Cytology Challenges and Pitfalls
Author: Tarik M. Elsheikh MD
The patient had a colectomy for familial adenomatous, carcinoma in colectomy specimenThe patient had a colectomy for familial adenomatous polyposis 2 years ago
Author: Barbara J McKenna
Multiple biopsies, Kidney Transplant Guide, renal transplant presents with a 3 week history of diarrMan who had a renal transplant presents with a 3 week history of diarrhea
Author: Barbara J McKenna
Technology to Streamline Hospital Operations, Technology to Streamline Enhance Patient CareTechnology to Streamline Hospital Operations and Enhance Patient Care
Author: Joelle LoFaso BSN RN
Medical Control Model for Rapid Acceptance, Medical Control Model for Quality ImprovementMedical Control Model for Rapid Acceptance and Quality Improvement
Author: Doug Carlson MD, Julie Bruns
Efficient Patient Flow, Patient Flow Efficiency in the ED, Efficiency in the Emergency DepartmentPatient Flow Efficiency in the ED
Author: Joshua'M.'Kosowsky MD FACEP
The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Telehealth Workforce, Developing the Telehealth Workforce, The Evolving Telehealth Workforce
Author: Jay Brudzinski
Eye Pain, Headache, Asthenopia, endophthalmitis, Panophthalmitis, Orbital Cellulitis signs, upload mEye Pain and Headache
Author: Anon
Managing Variability in Patient Flow, Improving Patient Care through VariabilityManaging Variability in Patient Flow
Author: Eugene Litvak PhD
FNA of Thyroid, Diagnostic Challenges, Controversies and TerminologyFNA of Thyroid - Diagnostic Challenges, Controversies and Terminology
Author: Tarik M. Elsheikh MD
Infinity Pharmaceuticals Migration from Daylight to ChemAxon, Migration Process, Technical ExecutionInfinity Pharmaceuticals Migration from Daylight to ChemAxon
Author: Anon
Defining CD34 viability by flow, CD34 Enumeration, Analysis of CD34 viabilityDefining CD34 viability by flow: sense or nonsense?
Author: Gerhard Fritsch
Patient Flow Summit Las Vegas 2013, free-standing cancer center in Philadelphia, University Health SAccountability Ė New Approaches to Maximize Patient Flow and Reduce Hospital Length of Stay
Author: Anne Jadwin RN MSN AOCN NE-BC
Hospital RPM Care Coordination, The Business Case, Remote Patient ManagementHospital RPM Care Coordination - The Business Case
Author: Kirby Farrell, Andy Archer
Methods Of How to Use Active DrysolMethods Of How to Use Active Drysol
Author: Peter Pori
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