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Unlocking the Power of Autistic SavantsUnlocking the Power of Autistic Savants
Author: Gary Andrews
Opioid Crisis,  a Comprehensive Response, Problems with ASA discharges, Use of opioids during treatmOpioid Crisis - a Comprehensive Response
Author: Marvin Seppala MD, Scott Hesseltine MA LADC, Fred Holmquist
The challenge of defining acquired PE, ISSM Ad Hoc Committee of international experts, Therapy PaperThe challenge of defining acquired PE - where are we now?
Author: Emmanuele A. Jannini, MD
Female Sexual Dysfunction, Increasing Sexual Desire and Arousal, Desire and arousalDesire and arousal
Author: David Portman MD
PDMD coordination with third-party payers, PDMP Bulk Data use by PRC, PDMDPDMD coordination with third-party payers
Author: Chris Baumgartner, Bruce Wood, Alex Swedlow
Using clinical programs to idenify opioid misuse, Prescription opioid abuse, Predictors of opioid miUsing clinical programs to idenify opioid misuse
Author: Donchun Wang, Lennox Abbott, Tron Emptage
Your Complete Guide of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544Your Complete Guide of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544
Author: Kiya Gandhi
successful strategies for community change, comprehensive overdose prevention program, Adult Drug CoOpiod Poisoning: successful strategies for community change
Author: Fred Wells Brason II, Connie M Payne
Strengthen Your Muscles with Ultimate Nutrition Muscle JuiceStrengthen Your Muscles with Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice
Author: Kiya Gandhi
ED surgical treatments, Penile Prosthesis Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction, Therapy PapersED surgical treatments
Author: Trinity Bivalacqua MD PhD
Carolinas Health Care System, Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Disease, Carolinas Medical Center, PracticCarolinas HealthCare System
Author: Kerstin Liebner, Carrie Fortier
Treatment of Prescription Drug Abuse, Physician Health Program, Biotech, Pharma, Medical PapersTreatment of Prescription Drug Abuse with Successful Endeavors and Outcomes
Author: Robert DuPont MD, William Johnson MD
Drug Disposal, National Take-Back Initiative, Pharmaceutical Take-Back, DEA RegulationsPharmaceutical Take-Back and DEA Regulations
Author: Scott Cassel
FSD, Arousal Disorders, Orgasmic Disorders, Pain Disorders, sexual excitement, Sexual Arousal ResponPelvic nerve injury leads to augmented vaginal vasoreactivity in vitro and increased fibrosis
Author: Johanna L. Hannan
Drug Abuse Treatment, Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment for AdultsTools for Drug Abuse Treatment.
Author: Melinda Campopiano MD
Drug Abuse Treatment, illicit drug, AXer'alcohol, IntegraUng Relapse PrevenUon Pharmacotherapy, freeDrug Abuse Treatment Options for Juveniles
Author: Michelle Lipinski MeD, Marc Fishman MD
Testosterone replacement therapy, promote priapism in hypogonadal, sickle cell diseaseTestosterone replacement therapy does not promote priapism in hypogonadal men with sickle cell disea
Author: Belinda F. Morrison
Neurosexology, Assessment of Sexual Function, Common Terms of Self-reported Measures of Sexual FunctPatients' Understanding of Common Terms Used in Self-reported Measures of Sexual Function
Author: Angel Moore
Publish Biotech papers, Pharma Papers, VHA National Pain Management StrategyPAIN MANAGEMENT STRATEGY: stepped care model
Author: Robertkerns
Do Cats Require Regular Flea Treatments?Do Cats Require Regular Flea Treatments?
Author: Sofia Owens
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