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Joint Guard Medicine for Dogs and CatsJoint Guard Medicine for Dogs and Cats
Author: Naomi Clay
Successful Strategies for Community Change,Integration of Addiction Education Throughout the Curriculum
Author: Sarah Melton
Using Analytics to Track Monitor, Using Analytics to Reduce Drug CostsUsing Analytics to Track Monitor and Reduce Drug Costs
Author: Anne Kirby, James Masingill, Joe Anderson, Robert Hall
Depression and Sex, Treating Sexual Problems and Depression, Depression: Effects on Your Sex LifeDepression and sexual health
Author: Raymond Rosen, PhD
The Committee of Sexual Medicine, Union of European Medical SpecialitÚsThe Committee of Sexual Medicine
Author: Ian Eardley, MD
Management of Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile Hemodynamics In Men, Erectile Dysfunction After 5-AlphaErectile Hemodynamics In Men With Persistent Erectile Dysfunction After 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor
Author: Raanan Tal MD
Hypoalbuminemia, erectile dysfunction severity, hepatic cirrhosis, MELD score, Serum albumin, free pHypoalbuminemia in chirrhotic patients as an independent prognostic factor for Erectile Dysfunction
Author: Christian I. Villeda-Sandoval
Peyronie's Disease: Nonsurgical Therapy Options, Treatment of Peyronie's disease with intralesional Intralesional Verapamil Effectivness for the Treatment of Severe Peyronie's Disease
Author: Matthew McIntyre MD
Clinical and biopsychosocial predictors of progression, remission of male sexual dysfunctionsClinical and biopsychosocial predictors of progression and remission of male sexual dysfunctions
Author: S. A. Martin
Monitor Oxygenation In A Reliable Way With Branded Pulse OximeterMonitor Oxygenation In A Reliable Way With Branded Pulse Oximeter
Author: Emech
Sexual Medicine Training in the Third WorldSexual Medicine Training in the Third World
Author: John Dean MBBS FRCGP
Tadalafil Improves Sexual Satisfaction in Men, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), free publish medical paperTadalafil Improves Sexual Satisfaction in Men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Suggestive of Benign
Author: Francois Giuliano MD PhD
Bacterial vaginosis, concepts of BV, New ways of identifying genital tract flora, Emerging insights,Bacterial vaginosis
Author: Philip Kell MD
Cellular Resistance, Biofilms, hydrophillic and Inhibizone, Synthesis and genetics of biofilms, BactCellular Resistance and Biofilms
Author: Rafael Carrion MD
penile reconstructive surgery, Predominantly in graft materials, graft materials, free publish medicHistory of Tunical Grafting in Peyronie's Disease
Author: Darren Katz MD, John P. Mulhall
The impact of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation on sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction After Stem CeThe Experience of Sexuality in individuals with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Author: Reanne Booker MN BScN, Shelley Raffin Bouchal PhD RN
Somatic Co-Morbidity And Cross-Sex Hormone TreatmentSomatic Co-Morbidity And Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment
Author: Jamie Fledman MD PhD, Henk Asscheman MD PhD, Louis J. Gooren MD PhD
Accessibilite du Web, Web Accessibility Initiative, WAIAccessibilite du Web
Author: Gregory Petit
Surgery IndiaSurgery India
Author: Kanchan Joglekar
The ISSM's Guidelines  Diagnosis, Treatment of Premature EjaculationDiagnosis of premature ejaculation in 2012 - the ISSM guideline
Author: Stanley Althof, PhD
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