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Living well with Multiple Sclerosis: Online and Blended LearningLiving well with Multiple Sclerosis: Online and Blended Learning
Author: Denise Nowack, RD
Interstitial high Dose rate (HDR) Brachy Therapy for Early Stage Breast cancerInterstitial high Dose rate (HDR) Brachy Therapy for Early Stage Breast cancer
Author: Paul Anderson, MD, Rufus Mark, MD, Robin S. Akins, MD, Murali Nair, PhD
Understanding Primary and Behavioral Healthcare IntegrationUnderstanding Primary and Behavioral Healthcare Integration
Author: Laurie Alexander, PhD; Karl Wilson, PhD
Measuring Harm, Patient safety, medical errors for patients, measurement methodsMeasuring Harm
Author: Albert W Wu, MD, MPH
Heroin Addiction Treatment, Heroin addiction, Treatment model, Substitution treatmentHeroin Addiction Treatment From Total Abstinence to Heroin
Author: Wim van den Brink
The general linear model and Statistical Parametric MappingThe general linear model and Statistical Parametric Mapping
Author: Institute of Neurology, UCL
Food Availability and Safety in ChinaFood Availability and Safety in China
Author: Huajun Tang
ultrasonic particle engineering, respiratory medicines, respiratory Drug DeliveryUltrasonic Particle Engineering for Respiratory Medicine
Author: Christian Jones
HIPAA, HITECH, Marketing, Fundraising, Research, Requests for restrictionsProposed HIPAA Privacy Rule Modifications Under HITECH
Author: Ivy Baer, J.D., M.P.H.
ANSIRH, advancing new standards, appropriate demeanor, c 1970The Abortion Experience: Mission, Demeanor, Counseling
Author: Carol Joffe, PhD
Heated Hunting Gear  Helps You Stay Warm and ToastyHeated Hunting Gear Helps You Stay Warm and Toasty
Author: April Camille Banzon
Methylated DNA, vitro methylated genomic DNA, DNA methylation, evelopment and cellular differentiatiMethylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) assays in using in vitro methylated genomic DNA
Author: Jinsong Jia, Aleksandra Pekowska, Sebastien Jaeger, Touati Benoukraf, Pierre Ferrier, Salvatore Spic
ErbB signalling, mammary luminal epithelial cells, ErbB and IGF1 signalling, IGFBP3 regulation, epitTranscriptional profiling of ErbB signalling in mammary luminal epithelial cells - interplay of ErbB
Author: Jenny Worthington, Mariana Bertani, Hong-Lin Chan, Bertran Gerrits, John F Timms
Multiple Sclerosis, Neurovascular Diseases, Technical Aspects, Clinical Ramifications, Multiple ScleBreakthroughs in Imaging Neurovascular Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis: Technical Aspects
Author: E. Mark Haacke, PhD
Parallel Programming of Medical Imaging Application on Many-Core ProcessorsParallel Programming of Medical Imaging Application on Many-Core Processors
Author: Larry Osakwe, Fannie Martinez, Eric Cooper, Ekaterina Shkrabova
Psychology Practice: Design for TommorrowPsychology Practice: Design for Tommorrow
Author: Carol D. Goodheart, EdD
Medicon valley alliance, Drug Delivery, Dry pipelinesDrug Delivery: administering pharmacological agents
Author: Torsten Jepsen
Surface patterned hydrogelsS. aureus and Osteoblast Adhesion Control via S. aureus and Osteoblast Adhesion
Author: Yi Wang, Guruprakash Subbiahdoss, Jan Swartjes, Henny C. van der Mei, Henk J. Busscher, Matthew Libe
Better at Work, Albert Camus, Work & HealthThe Health Benefits of Work
Author: Kevin Morris
Clinical Medical Physics, Medicine, The IAEAClinical Medical Physics Practice Standards
Author: Per Halvorsen, MS, DABR, FACR
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