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    VIDEO Derby? Nu, o execu?ie īn lini?te » Diferen?a de valoare sa v?zut ?i pe ... - Yahoo News Romania
      Faptul este c? Steaua a respirat mai greu primele 15-20 de minute, timp īn care Grecu (9) a plasat o pas? filtrant? la Alexe, blocat de un Arlauskis la fel de atent ?i acum, cīnd este adem ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Nov 2014 
    "Joint replacement surgeries high in India? - The Hindu
      The Hindu Leading orthopaedic surgeons have pointed out that the country needs more trained and experienced arthroplasty experts in the wake of spurt in knee replacement or joint replacement surgeries. Bharat Mody, president-elect, IAA ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Nov 2014 
    GUEST VIEW: Taking charge of diabetes - Niagara Gazette
      November is National Diabetes Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 29.1 million in the United States today have diabetes. In addition 86 million or more than 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes and are at risk for devel ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Nov 2014 
    Champion Medical Technologies Signs Agreement with Amerinet for Tissue ... - Insurance News Net
      Champion Medical Technologies is pleased to announce an agreement with Amerinet Inc ., a leading national healthcare solutions organization, for tissue tracking and medical device management solutions. Throu ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Nov 2014 
    I-Assist Guided Verilast Knee Replacement - Knee Replacement That Lasts for ... - (press release)
      Ms Payal, a thirty two year lady from Gujarat was suffering from a rare condition called 'Avascular necrosis' of the knee and had suffered extensive damage. Although, she was very young for ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Nov 2014 
    Seven years later, Vermonter to get Medicare payment - Barre Montpelier Times Argus
      ... to learn the case had been settled, saying that she committed years ago to lend her name to a national lawsuit that expanded coverage for millions of elderly and disabled Americans who needed maintenance therapy to ....more | Save |  Share  Email 1st Nov 2014 
    Galt's Royal Delta Inn ordered to clean up in 7 days - Lodi News-Sentinel
      It found the property is in violation of approximately 1,800 state statutes and local regulations, many of which pose a substantial danger to the health, safety and general welfare of the occupants, the surrounding community ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    SCSU senior biology major wins $27k scholarship with her blue crab research - The Tand
      The Tand "If all else fails, there is always Stanford or Harvard,? said the South Carolina State University senior biology major. Jackson is a precocious young lady, a confident self-starter who is not a ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Tau, Amyloid Beta, and Alzheimer's Disease - Diabetes Insider
      Diabetes Insider For nearly a century, scientists thought the plaque was the build up of amyloid beta (Abeta) protein, which can be secreted outside of neuron cells where it can collect. But a new study suggests that amyloid beta is modul ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    EPA Awards Chelsea $25000 to Fight Asthma - Chelsea Record
      Chelsea Record EPA Regional Administrator Curt Spalding presented stakeholders in the Chelsea Thrives initiative with a check for $25,000 to expand the work of coalition partners in the Shurtleff Bellingham neighborhood to include testing new me ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Harvard Scientists Discover Stem Cells to Kill Brain Cancer - India West
      India West Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital led by Dr. Khalid Shah, who hails from Kashmir, experimented on mice and used genetically engineered stem cells that released cancer-killing toxins ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    How will my cancer treatments affect my heart? - For some patients, treatment of known cardiovascular conditions prior to beginning cancer therapy may allow them to receive the most effective cancer treatment modalities they may not have otherwise tolerated. Simple interventions such as ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Will Virgin Galactic's Crash End Space Tourism?
      The fatal explosion of SpaceShipTwo in the Mojave Desert may lead to more scrutiny of the fledgling space passenger industry. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Week's Best Space Pictures: Antares Falls, Mars Mystifies, and the Sun Rises
      A sunrise consoles space station crew after the loss of an unmanned Antares supply rocket, with Mars and the stars offering more consolation. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    WHO AFRO: in need of new leadership
      The past 6 months have shone an unprecedented spotlight on health in Africa. Although now is not the time for a detailed review of the failures that led to the current Ebola outbreak in west Africa, enough is known to say that WHO's Regional Office for Africa (WHO AFRO) failed catastrophically in i ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Violence against children in Cambodia: breaking the silence
      "When we arrive at school and it is early and we are alone, it is quiet and we are afraid...?, admits a 13-year-old Cambodian girl. School should be a familiar and welcoming place; however, findings from the first-of-its-kindCambodia's Violence Against Children Survey, coordinated by UNICEF Cam ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Bridging medical education and clinical practice
      Medical students in the UK welcomed Richard Horton's call for social accountability in medical education (Sept 13, p 940). Meeting his challenge-"what can we achieve right now??-students nationwide are establishing collaborative networks to broaden and supplement their learning. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Survival in acute myocardial infarction - Authors' reply
      We thank Robin Norris for his comments on our study, and we strongly agree with him that resuscitation after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is an important aspect of the quality of care of patients with acute coronary syndromes. We propose linkage of electronic health records across primary care, t ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    The waiting room
      When I was a college senior trying to decide whether or not to delay applying to medical school so that I could attend a graduate creative writing programme, my mother sent me a handwritten copy of W H Auden's "In Memory of W.B. Yeats?, with this famous bit set apart from her already angry cursiv ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
    Dual antiplatelet treatment after stenting: is longer better?
      During the past decade, drug-eluting stents (DES) have emerged as a preferred and highly effective treatment for patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease. Stent thrombosis, the Achilles heel of DES implantation, continues to be a relevant issue that needs to be prevented with dual antiplat ....more | Save |  Share  Email 31st Oct 2014 
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